Opening up

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Opening up

Post by Messy-Ash »

Do people in your every day life know about your kinks?
Did you tell them or did they find out another way?
If you told them, what motivated you to do so?
How did they respond to this?

I got a few people who know about me, i told all of them, no accidental discoveries that i know of. My sister, two people that work at the community center i volunteer at, and a fellow volunteer. My sister i told in person, and she was very accepting, especially for the crossdressing aspect. She's seen me in a few dresses since then. Then, as i was writing my autobiography, i decided to make a seperate chapter about my kinks, and allude to it in the main book. People who were interested could ask about it, people who don't wanna know can just forget about it. And the first person to ask about it was the boss of the community center, we get along really well, so i know i can trust her and sent her the chapter. She was also very accepting, and very grateful for my display of trust.

The other two were the next to ask about it, but once they read it i guess they bit off more than they could chew. The hint in the main book only mentioned my sexual journey, so receiving this full analysis of my various kinks, why i like them, why others like them, is a bit more expansive than what they expected i guess. But i was prepared for that, both beginning and end say that it's ok if they want to pretend to never having read it, and that i won't bring it up if they wont. That agreement seems to work for those two people, we all still get along.

I wanted to open up about it because silence is deadly. So many people are afraid to talk about it, and they get STD's, or pregnant, or try bondage or breath play without having the proper information and end up injured or worse. People need to talk about these things. And i also did it for me a little bit. Some people come out as gay, i want to come out as kinky, because i'm not ashamed of who i am anymore.
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Re: Opening up

Post by Ding66 »

Most all of my wifes friends know. She has no problem bringing it up in everyday conversation

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Re: Opening up

Post by Dregg13 »

My parents?? Who knows they do know that I have had many women in my life, and they probably figure something since I had always been a pervert since I was 3. I know they were kinky as looking for porn mags I found some stuff.
Id say most of my friends either know Im in the lifestyle or they highly suspect it. I certainly dont hide it. I post quite a bit of BDSM related stuff on my facebook.
Since a good part of my work has been in the music biz I have been lucky I didnt have to keep things like this hidden.
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